Friday, October 15, 2010

Introducing Fotopro C-4i Tripod (Professional Choice)

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Fotopro C-4i + FPH-52P Ball Head

We are proud to introduce the Fotopro C-4i Tripod + FPH-52P Ball Head, the world's first stylish colourful tripod.

Fotopro C-4i is an entry-level users for the tripod, put away a high degree of 405mm, weight (including head ) 1.33kg, working height 105mm to 1380mm, very compact and lightweight , suitable for body height 160-170mm users, in particular Is the weight and portability demanding users. The world’s first color series , female users is tremendous appeal.

  • Forging process , more than the traditional casting process has good mechanical properties and performance
  • Anodizing, coloring stronger than traditional paint , but also the advantages of wear
  • Lightweight portable , put away a high degree of only 405mm, weight (including head ) only 1.33kg, the primary may hold
  • Rotary locking pin locking system control , simple structure, reliable, easy to use fast
  • Maximum diameter of 22mm, better than other comparable products , with better stability
  • Axis can be inverted , convenient for macro photography
  • Foot nail can not be replaced, the general terrain adaptability
  • No three design models , can only choose four designs
  • Head can not be replaced
  • Two-stage axial mild effects on the stability of the
  • Stand there is no link , can not directly use the shoulder strap , carry bag can only stand
  • On the portable, lightweight demanding users
  • 160-170cm tall and about in the user
  • Entry-level SLR camera , wide angle / standard lens or a portable camera
C-4i Although located in the low-end entry-level , but not low-end product quality . The use of aluminum-magnesium alloy material , fine workmanship , advanced technology ; in lightweight portable while still maintaining good stability, the maximum load , maximum diameter and other parameters are better than other comparable products; in the measurement of , C- 4i also showed impressive strength , fully meet the entry-level users.

As the positioning lower their lighter weight , smaller size and other reasons , C-4i and there is still gap between high-end products , can not be used in high-end camera or telephoto lens , in the wind , rain, snow and other harsh environments fear Difficult to guarantee results .

Overall , C-4i is a located in the entry-level tripod for light weight and portability requirements of the high users, can be used for entry-level SLR cameras or portable cameras, in indoor , urban , field and other environmental and Scene can not meet the needs of the poor . At the same time glad to see that domestic firms in processing technology and design, the improvement , but also to provide a wider choice of domestic Photographer .

Fotopro Titanium Tripod -
- Extended Max Height: 1380mm
- Min Oprerating Height: 105mm
- Folded Length: 405mm
- Maximum load: 6kg
- Net Weight: 0.97kg
- Max Tube Diameter: 22mm
- 4-section

Quick release plate Pan Ball Head with spirit level.
- High: 87CM.
- Weight: 340g.
- Load capability: 6kg.
- Ball size: 30 diameter.
- Camera mounting screw: U1/4.
- Tripod mounting screw: U3/8.

Available in 5 Colours

Price : $229.00 (coming soon)
Warranty : 1 Year Limited
Bundled Accessories : Tripod Bag

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