Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chromage Accessories

Hi all,

We just brought in a new brand of accessories for DSLR camera, the Chromage(product from Singapore).

Chromage was formed by photographers who wanted a say in the quality of products. Quality assurance, usability and practicality are our key guiding principles in our design of the products that photographers need. Chromage stands for 'Chroma' and 'Image', 'Chroma' is colour in greek and 'Chromage' personifies the photographer looking for that perfect image. The Chromage logo stands for the shutter button, perhaps the single most important element in a camera, bridging the photographer to the moment the shutter clicks.

Here are some of the accessories that we just brought in:

1. Battery Grip for Canon EOS 60D B$129.00

2. Battery Grip for Canon EOS 5D Mark II B$139.00

3. Battery Grip for Nikon D7000 B$129.00

4. Shutter Release Cable for Canon & Nikon DSLR Camera B$19.00

Please feel free to drop by our shop for more info. Thank you very much.

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  1. what is the difference between the $129 battery grip for nikon d7000 and the $280?