Friday, October 15, 2010

Introducing Fotopro C-5i Tripod (Professional Choice)

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Fotopro C-5i + FPH-51G Ball Head (2-in-1 Carbon Fiber Tripod)

We are proud to introduce the Fotopro C-5i Tripod + FPH-51G Ball Head, the 2-In-1 Carbon Fiber Tripod.

2-in-1 (Use it as Tripod or Monopod)

Also available in few colours

Fotopro 2 in 1 Carbon Fiber C5i Tripod • CNC machined and harden anodized finishing body.
• 2 in 1 design,One leg can be released and used as a Monopod.
• Mode No:C5i (Carbon Fibre tubes)
• Folded size:43cm
• Min operating H.:11cm
• Max operating H.:1.57m
• Net weight:1.17kgs
• Loading capability:8kgs
• Max Tube:25mm diameter
• 4-section

Specification about Fotopro FPH-51G Pan ball head
• Camera mounting screw:U1/4.
• Tripod mounting screw:U3/8.
• 36mm diameter ball.
• Product's size: 63*56*90mm
• Net weight:400grams.
• Vertical Max Loading Capacity:8kgs.

Price : $329.00
Warranty : 1 Year Limited
Bundled Accessories : Tripod Bag

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