Monday, January 24, 2011

Introducing ThinkTank Sling-O-Matic 30 & Pixel Pocket Rocket

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We would like to introduce the new arrival of ThinkTank Photo Sling-O-Matic 30 Camera Bag and Pixel Pocket Rocket (Memory Card Holder).

Sling-O-Matic 30
Think Tank Photo introduces the Sling-O-Matic, the photo industry’s first sling camera bag that can be easily switched back and forth to either shoulder. The Sling-O-Matic’s adjustable, fully padded shoulder strap “automatically” slides along a set of rails to change which shoulder the bag can be worn on. This is the innovative solution to the problem inherent with other sling bags: only being designed to wear the sling bag over the same shoulder. With one smooth motion, the Sling-O-Matic can be quickly switched to the opposite shoulder without losing the characteristics that have made sling bags popular among photographers. The Sling-O-Matic series offers three unique bags to choose from, depending on the set of photo gear a photographer needs to carry.

Top Features:
  • Sling-O-Matic can switch back and forth “automatically” to carry over either shoulder
  • Gear access always stays on top when Sling-O-Matic is in front
  • Carries a DSLR and a 70-200 f2.8 attached, with the lens hood in position

Gear Profile:
  • Carries a regular size DSLR and a 70-200 f2.8 attached with lens hood in position, plus 3-5 additional lenses
  • Can accommodate some pro size DSLRs and a 70-200 f2.8 attached with lens hood in position, plus 3-5 additional lenses
  • Carries up to a a 15.4” laptop in a separate padded compartment
  • Not compatible with all Nikon Pro DSLR cameras
Latest ThinkTank Photo Sling-O-Matic 30

Pixel Pocket Rocket
Store 10 memory cards in a small, compact package that fits easily in your pocket or attaches to your belt or bags. Business card holder for easy identification!

Top Features:
  • Business card holder.
  • Compact and fits easily in your pocket.
  • Can be attached inside of our products.
  • Can be attached to clothing.

Gear Profile:
  • CF Cards

Photographer Profile:
  • All photographers, from pros to serious enthusiasts. 
Hold up to 10 Compact Flash memory card

Price : Sling-O-Matic $289.00 / Pixel Pocket Rocket $39.00
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