Monday, January 24, 2011

Introducing Spectralight, the versatile flash diffuser

Hi all,

We would like to introduce the new flash modifier kit that we just brought in, The Spectralight.

If you’re a new photographer, diffusers are essential the moment you start shooting with an external flash. While getting my first ever flash, the 550 EX years ago, I immediately noticed the differences between shots with a diffuser and those without.

In short, unless we’re trying to create an intense mood (which is rare), a flash diffuser does much to soften the light, giving a pleasant appearance to the photographs.

Why Spectralight ?
The Spectra Light Diffuser, like other brands out in the market, is a flash diffuser tool designed for hotshoe or portable flashes or flash guns. It is unique because of its versatility, portability and design. It is designed to look good, as it goes well and “integrated” with most hotshoe flashes in the market today.  Because of its high quality ABS construction, it exudes professionalism and durability – attributes professional photographers want. Thanks to the unique ballhead design, Spectra Light frame panel rotates and swivels at almost any angle, giving the photographer a wide range of bounce/reflection angle capability. Likewise, since users can also make their own creative panels,  they would soon discover that the Spectra Light Diffuser truly is versatile.

Price : $99.00
Bundled Accessories : Soft Padded Case
Available Now...

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