Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nikon FT-1 and SB-N5 for Nikon 1

Hi all,

The Nikon FT-1 adapter and the Nikon SB-N5 flash just arrived at our shop.

Nikon FT-1 adapter
The F-mount gives you a world of freedom and flexibility. From extreme wide-angles to super-telephoto lenses and more, the wider NIKKOR range offers limitless possibilities to match a lens to your shooting situation or experiment with new creative ideas.
 The Nikon FT-1 adapter enable your Nikon 1 camera to shoot from ultra wide angle shot to super telephoto shot

Nikon SB-N5 Flash for Nikon V1 
Control your direction of light. This flash easily attaches to the multi-accessory port on the Nikon 1 V1 camera to produce beautiful, natural-looking images. Powered via the camera, it needs no batteries and boasts a capture illuminator LED light on the front of the unit to ensure steady light when using Motion Snapshot or Smart Photo Selector in the dark.

 Nikon SB-N5 enable you to control your lighting creatively

Price : Nikon FT-1 Adapter : B$279.00, Nikon SB-N5 Flash : B$249.00
Warranty : 1 Year Original Nikon Warranty

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