Monday, August 29, 2011

Introducing the new Skater Dolly system

Hi all,

We just brought in the new type of dolly system, the Skater Dolly. It can be used with DSLR, Camcoder & HDV Camera. It is like all the conventional slider in the market that helps to produce smooth video footage. It is used on smooth surface like on the floor or table top.

  • It will run on any Smooth Surface, Tables, Hardwood Floors, a piece of wood, etc.
  • The Skater Dolly is best for Subject video..
  • The Wheels direction can be adjusted by just moving it with one hand to move it around.
  • You can mount Ball Tilt Head directly on Dolly base.
  • Ball Tilt Head gives you different angles.
  • The dolly itself rides extremely smooth with just a push of your finger on smooth surfaces.
  • Durable & smooth wheel bearing for smooth movement.
  • This dolly provides amazing results at a rock bottom price.
  • The Skater Dolly is very solid yet very lightweight
  • Incredibly Smooth, Quiet, and easy to use 

Price : $399.00(without head)
        $499.00(with HD Fluid Head)

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