Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sandisk High Performance Memory Card Available for Order

Hi all,

We would like to announce that Sandisk High Performance Memory Card for DSLR Camera are available for order now. We do not keep any stock in hand but we order them for you.

The estimated time of arrival for the stock will be within 7 working days upon confirmation order. Below are the list of Sandisk Memory cards that are available for order.

SDHC Memory Card
Sandisk Extreme HD Video (20MB/s, Class 6)
8GB = $59.00
16GB = $95.00

Sandisk Extreme PRO (45MB/s, UHS Speed Class 1)
8GB = $90.00
16GB = $150.00
32GB = $260.00

Compact Flash Memory Card
Sandisk Extreme (60MB/s, UDMA)
8GB = $99.00
16GB = $159.00
32MB = $269.00

Sandisk Extreme PRO (90MB/s, UDMA 6)
16GB = $289.00
32GB = $460.00
64GB = $840.00
128GB = $1688.00

USB Memory Card Reader
Sandisk All-In-One ImageMate Reader = $69.00

Thank you very much.

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